Monday, May 13, 2013

Easter Dresses DIY

(It's obviously well past Easter. New blog = lots of catch-up posts to start)

This year, I decided to make my 2 girls their Easter dresses. I wanted them to be coordinating, but not the same. I looked up several tutorials online, and decided on the styles I wanted.

For my 1-year-old, I went with this dress (click picture to link to her tutorial):

And this is what I got:


My review: This dress was SO EASY! I couldn't believe how fast it came together. I bought a yard and a half of 2 coordinating fabrics. I chose to do the baby's dress with the yellow fabric and the blue floral bow. (My older daughter's dress was the opposite: blue floral skirt with a yellow bow).

In her tutorial, Melanie surges the bottom of her skirts. I don't have a surger, but I have a "rolling hem" foot for my sewing machine that I adore, and I used that. It looks so great!


For my 6-year-old, Sophie, I wanted something a little more grown up. I found a couple dress tutorials online, but nothing that fit exactly what I wanted, so I kind of combined several dresses into one. For the most part, I used Maybe Matilda's dress and Make It and Love It's dress.

I totally meant to add pockets to the skirt, like in Maybe Matilda's dress, but forgot! I wanted the bow to be a part of the dress, and not detached, so I attached it all along the back, and left the 2 ends hanging in the front so they could be tied into a big bow.

The skirt isn't a circle skirt like the other dress. It forms more of a "tulip" shape when she spins. It was a straight tube that I gathered at the waist to attach it to the shirt. And I used elastic thread so that it's a little stretchy since these dresses do not have any zippers or buttons. (no elastic needed for the baby dress since the waist is empire style and naturally wider)

The whole crew

I made Sam a bow-tie out of the remaining yellow fabric. I followed online instructions exactly (same instructions for the girls' hair bows too), but it's obviously too big for him. Oh well, still cute. 

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