Friday, May 17, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Re-Do


My medicine cabinet has been kind of a disaster since we moved into the house (in 2009). It basically had the things we use the most sitting in the front, with a box full of everything else shoved in the back. And that box, by the way, was the box that we used to move the medicine from our old house.

Emptied out!

 The 2009 plan was to put the box in the cabinet to get it out of the way for other unpacking, and then get to it later. Four years later still counts, right?

I have been on the lookout for a solution for several months now. I took measurements of the cupboard, but never found something that would work. And then I just decided to go simple with a clear drawer cart.

I bought this Sterilite 4-drawer cart from Walmart. It comes with 4 wheels, but I never planned on using them.

When I got it home, I realized it was too tall for my cupboard (measurements don't do you any good if you don't have them with you!). However, it fits perfectly when I remove one of the small drawers, so I decided to keep it.

I tried to use some logic when I put everything in it. The top drawer has all types of bandages and wound care. The middle drawer has common medicines like Tylenol, cold medicine, etc. And the bottom drawer has more specific items like gauze, vitamins, and hand sanitizer. It also has a go-to first aid pouch that I can grab for long car trips, pool visits, etc with things like bandaids, neosporin, and hand wipes in it.


The new drawers don't quite fit everything. Some of the larger bottles had to be stored on the side, but there was just enough room for them, so I still consider it a win.

So there you go! From cluttered to organized with one simple purchase!


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